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Our names are Marina and Alexandr, living in Kazakhstan, Almaty city.
We have met each other at photography courses in 2008 and from that time we are together.

During all these years we have tried many styles of photography: wedding, events, photo journalism, we shoot in night clubs and bars. All these gave us invaluable experience of photo shooting and understanding that we don’t want to do this anymore.

And in the end we have decided, why we would not join what we really love: traveling and Yoga, and express this in photography.

Our first model was our Indian Yoga teacher and also good friend Sandeep Ji. These photo sessions with him have guided us to thoughts that making yoga pictures we can show people how great potential of every person in physical capacity independent from age, and may be inspire them on their own perfection and reaching health and happiness. In fact that can do any person. All one need to do is discipline and wish.

But notice that yoga isn’t sport and in no case competition. Deep aspects of yoga lead us to fact that yoga is science about harmony between body, soul and mind, and also harmony between all the world around. Therefore we so glad to photograph yoga because it attracts people who cultivate their abilities not only on physical level but also on spiritual, and share their experience with us, and also good mood during photo sessions! :)

If you interested in where we study photography, we can tell: first we have finished photography courses and after we studied all techniques of shooting and post-production through internet, books, video lessens and the most important thing we learnt from mistakes.

Also we like music a lot and playing musical instruments a little. Marina can play the piano, and after our later trip to India become interested in Indian bamboo flute. Alex was interested in playing tabla. This is type of Indian drums. In past he played the guitar long time. But afterwards has sold it and bought some accessories for his photo camera =D

For the traveling, we have not too much on our account. We were only in several countries: India and Kirgizstan. Also sometimes we travel around our beautiful country Kazakhstan. But we hope that in the near future we will visit more countries and cities of South East Asia, and may be reach Mexico and Hawaii. And definitely will photography yoga there =D


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