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We are Marina and Alexandr, living in Kazakhstan, Almaty city.
We met each other in 2008 at photography courses and from that time, we are together.
21st of December in 2012, at the end of the world, when Maya calendar has finished, we got married. The world is still here so we started a new life :)

We have experienced many styles of photography: wedding, events, photo journalism. We also shoot in night clubs and bars for event agencies.
All these gave us invaluable experience of photo shooting and understanding that we don’t want to do this anymore.

Eventually we have decided to shoot only what really inspires us.
We travelled almost around whole India with a little money in the pocket, took photos of Yoga, met so many good people on our way and had a wonderful time!

Many years have passed. However, we still love photography. We still love traveling.
And we really love what we do.

Alex’s passion is trekking in the mountains so he takes a lot of pictures outdoors. He also likes trail running & active lifestyle.

Marina has found herself in Food Photo and conceptual Still Life.
Before she danced Tribal, Kathak (style of Indian dances) & other styles for many years.
Also she is playing piano and learning Japanese.

We hope that our photos inspire you to have your own adventures and creativity.

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