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What does PiKosO means?

Pi – Pissarova Marina, Kos – Kostuyrin Alexandr, O – means union in Russian.
We are freelance photographers based in Almaty city, Kazakhstan.
Our favorite subjects are Travel, Food, Healthy Lifestyle, Yoga, Holidays and Seasonal images.
Every photo was maden with part of our soul, positive vibes and love. We hope you could feel it :)


Where you can buy our photographs?

All our images are high quality and available for download as royalty free and with extended licenses.

You can use them for your blog, magazines, book covers, banners & advertising.
Also you can print our photos for your Yoga studio, home, office, cafe or restaurant as decoration.

Here are the list of photo stocks where you can buy our photos (& videos also):

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We do our best to create new interesting and conceptual content.
If you have any questions just contact us.

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